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Debbie Seiler

ITG Realty, LLC

1455 S. Wickham Road

West Melbourne, FL 32904

Office:  (321) 622-2701

Fax:  (321) 888-204-0114

Lic #3298447

Your Melbourne Village Realtor®

Mobile/Text: 321-412-4784


Get your Melbourne Village property SOLD!

You’ll get results with my one-two punch of tried and true old school methods like MLS, signs, print ads, real estate magazines, postcards, direct mail, and open houses—combined with new tech methods for far reaching exposure with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and direct email blasts to 4500+ Realtor members.   ITG partners with ListHub which shares your listing on sites like, Zillow, Trulia, AOL, HGTV, HomeFinder, Lycos, Yahoo, and many more!


Count on a secure lockbox system for the safety of your home and family, valuable feedback from showings and open houses, and staging services if required.


In addition to my real estate knowledge and marketing skills which are at your service, take advantage of my experience closing 1000+ real estate transactions since 1997 to ensure you a smooth, stress-free closing.


Buying? Here's just a few assets I bring to the table...


  • Licensed by the State of Florida

  • Area expert who really knows the community - I LIVE HERE!

  • Deep understanding of local real estate market trends

  • Personally show you property, point out pros and cons

  • Detect red flags and recognize value added features

  • Determine a fair offer, negotiation assistance

  • Explain disclosures, riders,

  • Large referral network of lenders, inspectors, all vendors

  • Discuss financing options and explain forms

  • Review title, present at closing table 

  • I specialize in the micro-markets of Melbourne Village, Woodland Estates, and the neighboring communitites in West Melbourne. To call yourself a neighborhood expert you must focus all of your energy in that finite area and make it your business to know everything about that market. 

Deb Sells MV

Sold Postcard
Postcard 6691 Towhee
Sold Postcard 767 Acacia
Sold Postcard 618 Hammock
Sold 520 Platt
Sold Postcard 6493 Flamingo
Sold 5819 Crane
Sold Postcard 756 Acacia
Sold 760 Cajeput Cir
Sold 618 Hammock
Postcard 1 735 Acacia
568 S Wildwood
541 S Wildwood
6763 Towhee Sold
6660 Ward Sold
615 Acacia Sold
622 Indiana Sold
5819 Crane Sold
5665 Live Oak Sold
Norman Sold
386 Dayton
6420 South Sold
665 Sabal Sold 800 x 600
Vacant Jeannie Lot Sold 800 x 600
690 W Pine Just Sold 800 x 600
5752 Carissa SOLD 800 x 600
SOLD postcard 500 Hammock 900 x 700
Sold 6100 Live Oak
SOLD 557 Platt
Sold 500 Hammock
SOLD Lot B West Pine
760 Cajeput Postcard SOLD
6477 Flamingo SOLD
Sold Lot A West Pine
6587 Canal Rd SOLD
Sold Postcard 571 Platt
Sold 550 W Pine
565 Acacia SOLD postcard
515 West Pine Sold
Sold Postcard 6480 Flamingo
Sold Postcard 510 Hammock Rd
Sold Postcard 5605 Live Oak
5645 Crane Rd Sold
651 Acacia Sold in Melbourne Village
6257 Savannah Sold Melbourne Village
6737 Sheridan Sold in Melbourne Vill
557 Platt Sold in Melbourne Village
676 Acacia Sold in Melbourne Village
274 Jeannie Sold in Melbourne Villag
585 Acacia Sold in Melbourne Village
5800 Live Oak Sold in Melbourne Vill
767 Acacia Sold in Melbourne Village
6493 Flamingo Ct Sold in MV
6535 Sheridan Sold in Melbourne Vill
786 Acacia Sold in Melbourne Village
6414 South Sold in MV
665 Sabal Sold in Melbourne Village
6824 Ward Pkwy Sold in MV
530 West Pine Sold in MV

SOLD in MV past years

SOLD in MV 2020.jpg
SOLD in MV 2019 PUBLIC.jpg
2018 MV Sold.jpg
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